Friday, May 19, 2017

omg, world, wtf!?! (here, have some 50's lesbian pulp sweater ladies)

We confess - it’s been a strange, somewhat anxiety-laden week here at lisa lucia headquarters: between the two of us, we’ve had 1.5 2.5 migraines each; Lucia’s been having plotty, apocalyptic dreams; Lisa decided to re-organize her craft room and that project predictably...expanded; oh yeah, and our “president” leaked top secret classified info to a hostile, foreign government.  

But somehow, we did manage to send off two patterns to our tech editor; Lucia is over halfway done knitting a “vulva cable yoke sweater” using the cable pattern from our [V is for Vigilance] hat (currently trying to figure out just how ruffly the sleeves will be); and Lisa’s craft room is a sight to behold. We’ve also been working on another of our long-term projects: compiling a portfolio of vintage knit pieces from a range of historical periods for the costume market.

At a later, more coherent time, we plan to report on our adventures wading through vintage knitting patterns with thinky thoughts about shifts in knitting pattern notation, strategies for adapting patterns for modern & plus-size bodies, etc. etc. But in the meantime, we invite you to bask in the sapphic subtext we stumbled upon in the pages of J & P Coats’s Sweaters Book No. 291: Everyone wears SWEATERS, circa 1952. Because in these trying times, it makes sense to share whatever scraps of joy we can.


(These ladies are totally named Betty & Veronica, dontcha think?)

Okay, you say, maybe if you squint. To which, we respond:

(Sekrit glances! *swoon*)

And in conclusion:

(Um, yeah.)


To be continued...

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