Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hope is not a four-letter word

Hello Internet, 

It's been a couple months since you've seen us--and they were long months, indeed.

The morning of November 08, 2016, we optimistically posted a screencap of Lorelai Gilmore captioned “see you when Hillary’s president” to lisa lucia’s social media pages. It seemed perfect at the time--aligning our hope and energy as we went to vote for our country’s first female major party presidential nominee with the upcoming debut of our designs in the Gilmore Girls revival miniseries and our fledgling company’s introduction to the public.

By the time Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life aired a couple weeks later, we hadn’t finished processing our shock and disbelief about the result of the election, but the release of our patterns and kits kept us busy, if still a bit numb.

Like millions of other Americans, we participated in the Women’s March on January 21, 2017, pledging resistance to the bigotry and corruption of Trump’s agenda. This was also one of the last times we posted to social media before today, over three months into Trump’s regime.

Where have we been? Well, we’ve been protesting at the airport, exorcising demons in the painting studio, stuck on hold calling our state representatives, and knitting vulvas, among other things. We have also faced personal challenges separately and together, which have led to a reassessment of our goals for the company.

While our hearts will always be with the hand-knitting community--and we will continue to release patterns for some of our designs--we are focusing more of our energy on producing finished objects for the consumer market and costume designers. We will continue to seek out partnerships with independent fiber companies and prioritize fair trade, eco-friendly materials. One of our ultimate ambitions is to provide gainful employment and on-the-job skill enrichment to other fiber artisans as our production output increases.

It’s a scary time in America, one in which hope is a precious resource, and we’re doing our best to keep dreaming and creating, even if we have been a bit quiet of late.

But we’re back! And excited to share our various endeavors and inspirations, including a few new patterns that we’ll be releasing in the upcoming weeks, starting with the “V is for Vigilance” hat we’re both wearing in the pictures above. (We’ll be donating the proceeds from this pattern to Planned Parenthood of America.)  Stay tuned for that and more.

Till next time, gentle readers (which we promise will come far sooner than before).


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